Our Mission

Legislative Agenda‘s mission is to provide a national forum for ordinary citizens to promote their ideas for Congressional legislation.  In doing this Legislative Agenda will not try to compete with established think tanks and public interest groups that perform a vital role in our democratic process by recommending ambitious solutions to our nation’s most complex and challenging problems.  Rather, Legislative Agenda will function as a kind of national “suggestion box” for simple, straightforward ideas that can be enacted quickly, with little cost or difficulty, but that can nevertheless have a substantial, beneficial effect.

Initially Legislative Agenda will limit the scope of its efforts to proposals that help achieve one or more of the following policy objectives:

  • increase the accountability of elected officials to individual citizens;
  • reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics;
  • increase citizen participation in the electoral process;
  • increase truthfulness in political discourse;
  • make government more cost-effective and responsive to its citizen customers;
  • create a better informed electorate;
  • make people more fulfilled and productive in their work; and
  • promote volunteerism and public service.

Over time and as resources permit Legislative Agenda may expand the range of proposals it promotes.  Until then, however, we are confident that the parameters set forth above will provide a basis for inumerable ideas that can profoundly improve our democracy and the lives of ordinary Americans.

We welcome you to join us in this effort.  And to those of you who do, we pledge our enthusiastic support.

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