Selection Criteria

In choosing proposals for publication, Legislative Agenda‘s Editorial Board will be guided by the following selection criteria:

  1. The proposal must directly address at least one of the policy objectives identified in Legislative Agenda‘s Mission Statement.
  2. The proposal must be simple enough to express in 1,000 words or less, including a concise description of the problem addressed, the recommended solution, and its expected benefits.
  3. The proposal must be easy, fast and practical to implement.
  4. The cost of implementing the proposal must be small in relation to the value of its expected benefits.
  5. The proposal’s benefits must be substantial and arrive quickly after its implementation.
  6. The proposal must be likely to pass constitutional muster, i.e. it must be consistent with established constitutional principals and court precedent.
  7. The proposal should be capable of attracting support from legislators across the political spectrum.
  8. The sponsor of the proposal must be a U.S. citizen acting in his or her capacity as a private individual.  Proposals submitted by corporations or their agents will not be accepted.

From time to time Legislative Agenda‘s Editorial Board may revise these selection criteria in order improve the quality or breadth of proposals selected for publication.

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